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The bedroom is such an important room to get right when it comes to interior design. The choices you make will be the first thing you see in the morning, and the last thing you see at night. At Daniel James Flooring, we look to assist Thorpe Bay customers in securing flooring or carpets which match their taste, provide the functional benefits they value, and marry well with other bedroom features such as soft furnishings and curtains. Being carpet suppliers with a wealth of other options such as wood flooring and Karndean, we look to be the pick of all carpet shops in the area through our expansive catalogue, affordable prices and meticulous approach to customer service.

Bedroom Flooring Options for Thorpe Bay Homes

Carpets – The classic. Carpets excel in the bedroom as they provide a warm and cosy feel which is very much conducive to relaxation and sleep. They also provide a high level of thermal and sonic insulation to keep noise out and trap heat in, helping you navigate the cold winter’s nights that can rear their heads in Thorpe Bay and the UK, and ultimately get some good sound kip. Carpet suppliers and carpet shops will often recommend a deep pile you can really sink your toes into, but some clients prefer shorter pile carpets, hypo-allergenic carpets and carpets designed with pets in mind.

Karndean – There’s a reason why it’s one of Europe’s most sought after flooring companies, and an option that even the most steadfast and traditional of carpet suppliers and carpet shops have brought into their catalogue. Karndean is a synthetic material which emulates natural materials like wood and stone flooring, at lower costs. The fact it excels in kitchens and bathrooms, where wood flooring can struggle due to moisture levels, is less an issue in bedrooms. However, it provides fantastic insulation and in terms of warmth-under foot, sits somewhere between carpets and wood flooring. It can provide the best of both worlds to Thorpe Bay customers who aren’t so keen on carpets.

Wood Flooring – While wood flooring is often associated with hallways and dining areas, don’t rule it out an option for a Thorpe Bay bedroom. The same benefits it brings to other areas it brings to the bedroom: sophistication, natural beauty and luxury. You can even look to get the best of both worlds by pairing wood flooring with sumptuous rugs, ensuring you still have something soft and plush to provide an offsetting contrast.

Having trouble finding flooring for a bathroom or another room in a Thorpe Bay property? Contact us today. We have an impressive selection of carpets, and Karndean / wood flooring products.