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Getting that creeping feeling it’s time to replace carpets, Karndean LVT or wood flooring in your Eastwood home or place of work? Below, we’ve run over a few of the most common signs we hear of as the area’s first choice amongst carpet shops and carpet suppliers.

Signs It’s Time to Get New Carpets or Flooring

Well Worn – However careful we are in banning shoes on in the house, covering up with rugs, selecting hard wearing carpets, Karndean and wood flooring for high traffic areas, everything in life eventually runs its course, and carpets and flooring are no exception. If you’re in Eastwood and have noticed your floors are starting to look frayed, matted, badly discoloured or simply worse for wear, it may be time to consider a visit to carpet shops and carpet suppliers like Daniel James Flooring.

Stubborn Stains – If you’re quick to act, most stains should be fairly easy to deal with, especially when following manufacturer guidelines on carpet or floor cleaning. But sometimes, there’s a stain that evades you which gets so stuck in that it’s unfortunately a permanent one. While you could visit our carpet shops and carpet suppliers to find a rug to cover it up, if it’s badly positioned or there’s a few you’ve accrued, consider how new carpets, Karndean or wood flooring could revitalise a room or section of your Eastwood home or workspace.

Dodgy Smells – Musty, stuffy smells that linger around even after a full blown vacuum and clean can signal issues with carpets (Karndean LVT and wood flooring are unlikely to be olfactory offenders). This can be due to dirt and pollutants working their way deep within your carpets. A professional clean or some DIY work with baking soda might help, but if it’s still clinging stubbornly to your carpet fibres, consider a change of the guard.

Out of Fashion – Well-maintained, quality carpets, Karndean and wood flooring can last for many, many years – especially the more tough, rugged customers in our catalogue. But sometimes you find what you opted for decades ago is no longer really in vogue, or you have a new interior design scheme and your floors are sticking out like a sore thumb. Visiting carpet shops and carpet suppliers in the Eastwood area, such as Daniel James Flooring, can give you some wild style ideas and help you bring your property into the current year.

Convinced it’s time to look at new carpets, wood flooring or Karndean? Contact the Eastwood area’s flooring veterans, Daniel James Flooring. You can reach us on 01702 547 774.