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Once you’ve picked out your carpets, Karndean or wood flooring and had it installed by our expert team, you’ll likely be grinning from ear to ear. But how do you keep these new additions to your Hadleigh property in tip-top condition year round? Poor care, after all, could mean you’re back at carpet shops or carpet suppliers well before you’d like to be. Below, we provide some simple tips to help.

Caring for Your Carpets & Flooring

Caring for Carpets – There are a few easily implementable measures you can take to keep new carpets looking fantastic for many years to come. Carpet suppliers and carpet shops will always recommend regular vacuuming, as this will stop dirt, dust and other unwanted items from working their way deep into the carpet and damaging its fibres. We’d recommend Hadleigh residents to aim for once a week. Another idea is to introduce a no shoes rule, to prevent dirt from spreading and the soles of shoes from scuffing or wearing down your carpet. Visiting your local carpet suppliers / carpet shops to get some runners or rugs to safeguard high traffic areas is another great idea.

Caring for Karndean – Some of the above tips on caring for carpets also apply to Karndean flooring products, namely regular vacuuming and protecting high traffic areas with runners or rugs. Additional care measures we’d recommend Hadleigh customers include regular cleaning with a soft brash or damp, the introduction of load bearing castors for heavy furniture and a militant aversion to bleach and other household chemicals which could cause damage rather than clean your floors!

Caring for Wood Flooring – Regular sweeping is a must for wood flooring. When you’re looking to get out more stubborn dirt, wash with a manufacturer-recommended floor cleaner and don’t be too liberal, it’s best to use just a bit at a time. Our team, which cover Hadleigh and all surrounding areas, can always advise on this if you’re unsure which product will prove best. Avoid water and soaking at all costs, and as with Karndean and carpets, consider visiting carpet shops or carpet suppliers to get your hands on rugs to cover up – but this time it’s to deal with exposure to the sun, which can change the colour of wood flooring over a long enough period of time.

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