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You might not immediately think that sound proofing is a primary concern when picking out flooring options. But particular carpets, wood flooring and Karndean flooring can prove a godsend if you’re looking to reduce the amount of noise that travels both into and out of a room, especially if you live in an apartment, or have noisy kids and are keen on an hour’s shuteye in the afternoon! As the pick of the bunch when it comes to Great Wakering carpet shops, we can help you find the right product whatever you’re looking to achieve. And keep in mind we’re not just carpet suppliers, we also install any item you purchase at Daniel James Flooring, ensuring you get a snug fit that seals up a room.

Sound Proofing With Your Flooring

If you’re opting for carpets, you’re going to want a thick underlay with acoustic qualities. By choosing an acoustic underlay, you’ve already gone a long way to improving the sound proofing in the room in question. Polyurethane, sponge rubber and felt are all materials used to create these helpful products. Through adding thick or dense pile carpets on top, you’re going to significantly reduce the sound of footsteps entering and exiting a room, as well as infrastructure like plumbing and electrical equipment; in short: and any sounds emerging from underneath you – including the neighbours if you’re above the ground floor of an apartment complex. But if you’re less keen on carpets and are visiting carpet shops and carpet suppliers for their alternative products, like wood flooring and Karndean, you’re certainly not out of luck!

Yes, wood flooring is synonymous with echoing footsteps when persons pass through a room without taking their shoes off. But a quality acoustic underlay will absorb a lot of impact sound, especially something built out of high impact absorption foam. Other sound proofing solutions that Great Wakering customers have had success with include improving the mass of the floor through incorporating high mass/density after-market products, and filling cavities between joists with something like an acoustic mineral wool. Suddenly you have wood flooring that’s reducing noise in/out rather than adding to it! If you’re unsure about which option is best for you, our carpet shops and carpet suppliers are always happy to advise in this area.

Finally, LVT products such as that made by Karndean are perhaps the best option available when it comes to effective sound proofing. This is because the manufacturer has specific products with acoustic characteristics, which when paired with one of the aforementioned underlays, can provide outstanding results. Some of the best options in the Karndean catalogue – and options we make available as Great Wakering’s top pick amongst carpet shops and carpet suppliers – include Looselay Longboard, a fairly new product, and the rest of the classic Karndean LooseLay collection.

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