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It can be a daunting thing, picking out carpets, wood flooring or LVT, such as that manufactured by Karndean. And while carpet shops and carpet suppliers look to allay nerves and assist in every step of picking out and implementing flooring products, there are still some decisions that only the customer can make. So with the intention of informing customers around Rayleigh who may never have bought flooring and carpets before, our team have looked to provide a few tips on starting out on the page below.  

Where to Start When Purchasing New Carpets in Rayleigh

Know the Lingo – When first entering the world of carpets, Karndean and wood flooring, you may be overwhelmed by the lingo – there’s a lot of terms you may not have encountered before! While carpet shops and carpet suppliers will always be happy to explain these terms in detail, here are a few tips for our Rayleigh customers. Pile is the loops of the carpet: high pile is loose and deep, while low pile is typically tight and a bit more rugged. An underlay is the material that sits under the floor, providing cushioning and insulation. Both pile and underlay should be selected to your preferences and most importantly, the needs of the space. Which brings us to…

Know the Space – It’s vital you consider what would best benefit the space. Bathrooms and kitchens naturally benefit from synthetic choices like Karndean, which deal well with moisture-rich environments and possible stains and spillages. Where you’re looking for warmth and luxury, carpets or wood flooring paired with some well-placed rugs might seem apt. Another, very literal way of knowing your space is accurately measuring it up. Carpet suppliers and carpet shops also offering installation will be happy to provide this service for you, and Daniel James Flooring is no exception. Whether you’re dead set on carpets, Karndean or wood flooring, or are still totally unsure which way to go, we can book in a consultation to measure up your space, which is a big help with the following point…

Know Your Budget – Our carpets, Karndean and wood flooring products span a real range of price points; carpet suppliers and carpet shops usually endeavour to accommodate everyone from those on a strict budget, to those where money is no obstacle and luxury is the name of the game. And whether you’re refurbishing a home, adding an extension, re-imagining your commercial space, or simply getting some fresh carpets in a single room of your property, you should have a budget to stick by. While some flexibility can be a positive, especially when you suddenly stumble across your dream flooring, going over budget can endanger the rest of a design or development project, meaning it’s important to set boundaries.

Get in Contact – Now you’ve really started thinking about how to approach getting in new carpets, Karndean or wood flooring, it’s the right time to get in contact with flooring and carpet shops. Our carpet suppliers are always happy to provide a consultation and no obligation quote so Rayleigh customers can be sure that the product they have their eye on is the right fit. But even if you’re just looking to talk ideas with genuine specialists with heaps of experience, we welcome inquiries.

So what are you waiting for? For quality carpets, Karndean and wood flooring, expertly installed within your Rayleigh home, contact Daniel James flooring on 01702 547 774.