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Welcome to the latest instalment of the Daniel James Flooring blog. As the Essex area’s trusted expert on Karndean flooring products, which we supply and install throughout local residential and commercial premises, we’re often asked about the difference between different flooring formats; this is important as it governs the product’s means of installation, and dictates both particular characteristics and availability of designs.

So that’s what this post is about: breaking down the different Karndean flooring formats so you can figure out which will best suit your needs. If by the end of it you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01702 547 774. We’re always happy to give no obligation advice and assistance to our Essex clients.

Karndean Flooring Formats, Explained

Gluedown – As the name suggests, this format involves gluing down each plank or tile to the floor’s surface. This means the floor must be smooth and stable, and prepared for application. Products in this category are usually 2.5-3.00mm thick, and are laid to meet the skirting board. This is a very flexible format and we’ve installed Karndean in this way throughout countless Essex properties.

Common gluedown patterns include parquet, herringbone and basketweave – as well as a range of geometric designs. Materials that Karndean emulate range from warm natural woods to minimal and modern concrete – so you can always find an aesthetic that matches what you’re visualising!

Rigid Core – This is a floating floor format which clicks into place. The name refers to its central core which ensures it’s very stable. It’s far thicker, at around 6.5mm, and as such is perfect for laying down on floors that haven’t been subject to meticulous preparation. Essex customers wanting to lay Karndean on floorboards or other pre-existing tiles will find this category ideal.

Another great bonus is that you won’t have to wait for glue to dry. It’s simply put down and ready for use! Consider the Korlok range of rigid core Karndean, which provides a realistic wood aesthetic with waterproof, hygienic and low maintenance characteristics not found with natural materials. Rigid core flooring is also a great choice for those in Essex looking to maximise sound insulation.

Loose Lay – One of the most recent newcomers, loose lay is more similar to rigid core than gluedown as it still avoids the need for adhesive; instead, a friction grip backing is employed to secure each plank/tile in place. You will, however, require a smooth and prepared subfloor.

Wood and stone designs are plentiful within this range, and the aforementioned beneficial characteristics associated with Karndean flooring are all very much in tact! Many of our Essex customers opt for loose lay Karndean for high traffic or high risk areas as, if planks or tiles are damaged they can easily be lifted out of place and repaired/replaced.

In Essex and considering investing in Karndean products? Call the team of installers at Daniel James Flooring on 01702 547 774!